Purchasing Policy

Wolfeboro Community Food Co-op
Wolfeboro Community Food Co-op is a member-owned New Hampshire cooperative whose purpose is to operate a full service natural food store in the town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Our goal is to provide our members and the local community with access to high quality, fairly priced, organic, local and natural foods and products. Wolfeboro Community Food Co-op will abide by the International Cooperative Alliance principles including open membership, democratic member control, education and training. We will invest in an environmentally and economically sustainable local food system and cultivate fair and trusting relationships between consumers and producers. We will also cooperate with other cooperatives whenever possible.

The purpose of Wolfeboro Community Food Co-opís Buying Policy is to inform vendors, members, and the public about our co-opís purchasing values and goals and to provide store managers with a guide for purchasing stock and services for the store.

Values and Goals
We support food producers and farmers that practice organic and sustainable agriculture and the humane treatment of animals. We also support producers who follow socially responsible business practices, member-owned and local businesses and the use of limited packaging and renewable resources.

We will do our best to purchase only the purest, freshest and highest quality foods available. Our first choice will always be to buy organically produced foods and products. If we are unable to purchase an organic product, we will provide our community with the best alternative non-organic product we can find. Our products will be bought at prices that benefit the entire food community; the producer, the store, our members and customers. We are committed to supporting our local growers, specialty food producers, cottage industries and start-ups. Our highest goal is to be a trusted food source and we will do our best to keep our community up to date on products and product changes.

Co-op guidelines

We strive NOT to buy foods that contain:

- chemical fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides

- artificial preservatives, sweeteners, additives, flavors or colors

- antibiotics or growth hormones

- corn, cottonseed or canola oils or any hydrogenated or chemically refined oils

- foods that utilize genetic engineering or irradiation

- sweeteners such as sucrose, fructose, corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup

Wolfeboro Community Food Co-opís Purchasing Policy applies to products stocked in the store and not pre-order buying choices.  Our Purchasing Policy will be provided to each vendor in reference to their products and with the understanding that we prefer to do business with companies that are in alignment with our values and goals.

This Purchasing Policy will be reviewed annually by The Board of Directors.