Patronage Reward Program

The Patronage Reward Program is one of the many benefits of being a Co-op member. It is based on individual member patronage (how much a member spends) & the net-profit of the Co-op as a whole.  The Co-op will record how much each member spends during the year and give a percentage back after the year-ends. The refund amount is Board determined, taking into account the overall financial wellbeing of the Co-op. Some years Patronage Refunds may need to be used for capital improvements and repairs to the store.

For the first few years we will be working hard to break a profit and pay for our start-up costs so the Patronage Rewards Program may not be implemented. But once we are profitable, we will begin the program and members will start receiving benefits.

Wolfeboro Community Food Cooperative will close our books on March 15th each year. That is when we can determine what, if any, profit was made by our Co-op in the previous year.

Our member-elected, volunteer Board of Directors will decide at their July meeting what percentage of the previous years profits can be returned to the member-owners while maintaining a financially healthy co-op. We will announce the results and keep you posted on the date.

Patronage rewards will be entered into your member account by the end of August.  You will have the choice to use it or donate it to our Food Donation Program.


Cashiers will need your membership card & number so we can accurately record what each individual member-owner has spent during the year.