Member Owners Application

Our goal is to open a co-op food store in the Wolfeboro, NH that will provide access to natural, organic and local foods. As a cooperative, we need member-owners to make this dream a reality. A successful fund drive will put us on track to open the store in 2016. Please join today to help us move toward opening this store with a broad base of support.

Full equity is reached at $150 and is an investment of one share in Wolfeboro Community Food Cooperative. This is not an annual fee. The member who signs this agreement is the person who will have voting rights in the cooperative. All founding members will receive public recognition upon store opening.

Payment options during the founding membership drive are:

- Payment of $150 in full
- Payment of $50 now with two more payments of $50 in the next two consecutive months

General release and waiver of liability: All funds governed by this agreement are subject to risks inherent in a start-up enterprise and such risks may result in the loss of part or all of such funds. Membership dollars received during this campaign in excess of $50 per membership shall be placed in an escrow account at Peoples United Bank, Wolfeboro, NH until Wolfeboro Community Food Cooperative is capitalized in a manner acceptable to the Board of Directors. In the event that Wolfeboro Community Food Cooperative is unable to meet its fundraising goals, members will receive a full refund of any investment made beyond $50 per member plus any unspent portion of the $50 not in escrow. The Board of Directors shall keep a record of all membership shares sold and shall provide an accounting of such shares to any member upon written request.

I have read and agree to all the language in this agreement. By submitting my online payment I certify that I am at least 18 years of age and that all statements in this application are true, correct and complete.


Wolfeboro Community Food Cooperative Membership

Payment Options