The undersigned, being the President, Treasurer and a majority of the Directors of Wolfeboro Community Food Cooperative (the “Co-op”), hereby subscribe to the following Certificate of Organization as a Consumer Cooperative pursuant to the provisions of NH RSA 301-A:

Article 1. The name of the corporation shall be Wolfeboro Community Food Cooperative (hereafter the “Co-op”).

Article 2. The period of duration of the Co-op shall be perpetual.

Article 3. The purpose for which the Co-op is formed is to engage in any one or more lawful mode or modes of acquiring, producing, operating, furnishing, exchanging or distributing food products and other goods and services, and to educate owners and the community as to principals of nutrition, food sources and distribution for the primary and mutual benefit of its patrons as ultimate consumers.

Article 4. The Co-op is organized and shall be operated exclusively on a cooperative and nonprofit basis.

Article 5. The initial place where the business of the Co-op shall be located is 96 Kings Highway, New Durham, New Hampshire 03855.

Article 6. The Co-op is organized without shares and membership shall be issued only to persons eligible for and admitted to ownership in the Co-op.

Article 7. The voting rights of such memberships shall be set forth in the By-Laws of the Co-op.

Article 8. The name and post office address of the resident agent of the Co-op is Cooper Cargill Chant, P.A. 2935 White Mountain Highway, North Conway, New Hampshire 03860.

Article 9. The names and post office addresses of the incorporators of the Co-op and the initial Board of Directors of the Co-op who shall manage the affairs of the Co-op until the election and qualification of their successors shall be:

             Donna L. Cleaves

             Alana Albee

             Rita Roberts

             Gene Leone

             Maureen Boornazian

Article 10. On dissolution of the Co-op, any surplus of the Co-op shall be distributed

in conformity with the provisions of the NH RSA 301-A:33, as it may be amended

from time to time.